Everyday Heroes – KAD!

Times around the world are challenging and Eryk is obviously affected too. With over 250 people, over 200 projects a year in more than 40 projects countries, it is our Key Account Department who checks every day, that projects are perfectly scheduled and that the project teams are selected according to the skills and competencies needed. Putting all the puzzle pieces together is quite demanding under normal circumstances and Covid-19 makes the logistics even more challenging.

We managed to catch three of our five “everyday heroes” for a quick chat in their busy day at their desks: Michał Płudowski- Key Account Manager, Sebastian Płacewicz- Senior Key Account Engineer and Mariusz Piotrowski- Key Account Engineer.

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on how we work and it has become harder to make plans in this volatile reality. As projects are being postponed, various regulations and travel restrictions in constant flux, we have been continuously forced to stay updated and adapt to new work routines in order to ensure safe work for everyone.

Some countries have introduced quarantine, as is the case in England and was the case in Poland. In contrast, other countries did not introduce the quarantine but required specific travel document upon entry.  And then there were countries where you could travel through if you had a legal purpose for your travel. Regulations and restrictions have rapidly been changing and are even uncertain until you are at the border. Thanks to teamwork across our departments, we have been able to run our projects safely.

As Sebastian expresses it: We rely heavily on the support from other Eryk’s departments – without HR or Travel & Accommodation, it would be much harder to keep track of all the daily restriction changes. As an international company working cross-borders, it is vital for our operations.

Out in the field we have our technicians who continuously have had to adapt and change their routines to be able to work safely. Early on we introduced quarantine for our technicians upon any suspicion of infection, which has led to a couple of such situations where our technicians had to stay at home.  

Special thanks should go to our technicians, who adjust to the ever-changing reality and keep themselves and others safe in the face of the pandemic – says Mariusz.

As an international company working globally, we also need tools and solutions that help us in our work. Our CRM system, vital for our operations, has proved its worth especially now, as it helps us in securing smooth information flow in the planning of each project and handpicking the teams.  

Michał- Key Account Manager, follows up by saying:  It is simply is our obligation to help our customers to deliver their (our!) project on time. On the other hand, it’s our duty to guarantee safe work conditions for our technicians. We are proud and very satisfied that we can meet both these expectations.

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