Eryk’s Summit 2022 – October 20th, 2022

We are sorry to inform that the event has been cancelled. Unfortunately, we failed to attract the needed external stakeholders that we believe must partake for this event to reach the right channels and level of quality.

more information: https://eryk.com/summit/


Let’s talk about sustainability, globalization challenges and solutions!

  • How to secure professional craftsmen and technicians for the European industry?
  • What can we do to for a better future for us all:  for those who want to learn, develop skills, and grow as professionals, and for the economy that needs to keep running?

The “Summit 2022” is the discussion platform that tackles the globalisation challenges and offers space for sharing knowledge and experience with initiatives already taken. Together with the co-organizers (Consulate General of Denmark in Lagos, Nigeria), we would like to show that we can do something for a better future for us all. During the Summit, we will talk about the apprentice program at Eryk. We will also share our experience in Poland and in West Africa.

“I’m excited about all of the new knowledge and insight that the day will bring – it will certainly be an eye-opener to see what other companies, who are facing some of the same challenges, are doing to combat these challenges. Sparring, sharing the knowledge and experiences with likeminded business relations and companies is key!” – says Maj W. Moeller – Group Sales Manager at Eryk.

“I hope and wish that there will be an immense support from other companies, authorities, and politicians so that it does not go “unnoticed”. I wish that our “Summit 2022” will create more awareness amongst the business sector as to how we try solving the current challenges that the labour market in EU is facing – and how we can contribute to the overall development on a global scale – educating people who really need it and are eager to create a better future for themselves”.

The Event will be held in Szczecin, Poland. It is supported by Danish and Polish authorities. More information about the initiative as well as access to the registration can be found here: www.eryk.com/summit

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20 October 2022 
Szczecin, PL

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