Micheal Egeh

Micheal Egeh– Electrical Technician at Eryk, one of the graduates of the Apprentice Program.

Micheal is from Ghana and he started as a trainee in 2019 and then graduated in 2022. Right now he is an electrical technician working in Eryk.

We asked Micheal a couple of questions:

What do you like in Eryk?

I like Eryk due to that fact that they are adjusting to accept different cultures in order to be able to fit well into international community.

What have you learned at Eryk?

I have learned at Eryk… first of all I have discovered how I can decide on some tasks and then make them professional. It has boosted my confidence and then person-to-person communication in different works of life and it is amazing, I like it so well. And I am hoping to have more experience and more exposure in Eryk. Many of our supervisors and team leaders are good and through them I have developed myself and I’m happy to be here, in Eryk company, we welcome all people.


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