Dominik Słomiński

Meet Dominik – Electrical Technician at Eryk, one of the graduates of Apprentice Program.

“In Eryk, I got the basic electrical knowledge, thanks to which I became interested in this profession.” 

Dominik Słomiński is one of the first Polish technician, that has completed our Apprentice Program. So far, he has participated in many interesting projects, mainly in Denmark. He started his adventure in our company on the project in Køge, where he showed his best side.

We asked Dominik a couple of questions:

  • Which project was the most interesting for you so far and why?

“So far, the most interesting project for me was the meat processing plant in Aalestrup, in Denmark. I got to know the profession of electrician better and learned many new things. We mainly dealt with electrical works, connecting power cables and installation of automatic fire detection system.”

  • What skills or knowledge have you gained at Eryk? Did you have time to do any additional courses or are you planning them in the near future?

” In Eryk, I got the basic electrical knowledge, thanks to which I became interested in this profession. I am eager to gain new knowledge and develop myself in this field. In the meantime I have managed to obtain SEP – electrical qualification certification and signed up for MEWP course.”

Piotr Kubiak, coordinator of the Apprentice Program is really satisfied with Dominik’s development:

“Dominik is a technician, who does his job properly and at the same time cares about the quality. From the very beginning, he was praised by coaches for his commitment and approach to work. He learns very quickly and in a short time he reached the level that allows him to complete the Apprentice Program and be promoted to the position of regular technician. He quickly adopts to the the team and we can always count on him!”

Fantastic to have you in our team, Dominik! All the best for you!

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