Cezary Miller

Cezary Miller, Chief Operating Officer

Where do you come from?

I was born in a small town Goleniów 40 km from Szczecin. After high school I moved to Szczecin to study economics, and I have stayed here ever since. I like the city very much. It is neither too small nor too big, and the career possibilities are good.

What are you doing in Eryk?

My job is to handle relations to our existing customers and make sure we know their needs and stay in close contact about the existing and possible future projects. I am no specialist in the technical side of our projects, but you could say that I work at the level of business relations. In practice, I travel a lot and meet a lot of different people from our partner companies. I enjoy that very much.

Did you always want to work with customer relations?

I always wanted to work in an international company, travelling and working with people from different countries, so in that way, this job is a dream job for me. I chose to study economics, because it was a broad study with many possibilities. Before this job, I worked for ten years in IT and the maritime sector, handling sales, business development and exports on the European market. I really like to learn new things and to develop myself both in my career and in my personal life. That is also why a few years ago I chose to take a master in Business Administration, which I finished last year. This task was a natural step for me. I learn a lot of new things, and at the same time I can concentrate on the kind of work that I enjoy the most.

Why were you attracted to work in Eryk?

From the first moment I recognized the nice and friendly atmosphere in the office, and this attracted me to the company. Already during my job interview I could feel that people like working here. It is what makes this company special, I think. On top of that, I also like the fact that Eryk works in different sectors and with a range of different projects from simple ones to technically complicated ones. You get a lot of new knowledge and experience from working here.

How do you like Szczecin?

I really like Szczecin. The city may have been developing a bit slower than some other Polish cities, but still more foreign companies have settled here, and today it offers so many possibilities. At the same time, it is green, and the atmosphere and pace of life is relaxed. I never wanted to move away from here.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like living close to my family in my home town of Goleniów, and I often go to visit them. I like music, and I play the electrical guitar myself. I also have a lot of hobbies, ranging from World War II history to astronomy, aviation and model making.

Cezary Miller became Customer Relations Controller at BIC Electric in September 2017.Since 2020 he has been Chief Operating Officer. He holds a Master of Economics from 2005 and a Master of Business Administration from 2017 from University of Szczecin. Cezary has more than ten years of experience from the IT and the Maritime Sector holding positions as Sales Specialist and Project Manager at Aquarius Marine Services. From 2014 he was Export Manager and Business Developing Manager at Cellco Communications Sp. z o.o. among others responsible for developing the company’s business in Scandinavia.

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