Alex Opoku

Alex Opoku – Electrical Technician at Eryk, one of the graduates of the Apprentice Program.

We asked Alex a couple of questions:

What do you like in Eryk?

What I like about Eryk is that a lot of things are organised well, for instance, when you are travelling to a project, you don’t have to care about where you are going to sleep, cause they would send you the accommodation, and which car you are taking, or how you are going to get to your place or your destination, you don’t need to worry about that. They provide everything for you.

What have you learned at Eryk?

At the beginning of the training I was always standing and watching my supervisors to show me some tasks and teaching me a lot of things before I can do something, but now I feel that I have developed some capabilities and abilities to do some of the tasks on my own and I’m very proud of that.

What’s your expectations for the future?

I’ll be looking for to more exciting projects which will help me boost my skills and also become a greater person in a future.


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