Elevator Industry on the rise! Meet Piotr – our Project Coordinator

“Today, we have a lot of exposure to various systems and solutions in the lifting technology, starting with home lifts, through personal elevators, all the way up to freight/car lifts. I can definitely see us on the rise in our key industries”.

Piotr is Eryk’s Project Coordinator for our elevator installation projects, with a very much hands-on approach, which is clearly visible in everything he does or says. Still, he is equally at ease with both the daily grind and the future outlook.  

Can you tell us how you arrived in Eryk? 

It was pure coincidence. I was working at another elevator company when I learned about the recruitment at Eryk (the company was called BIC Electric back then). Being an adventurous type, I jumped at the opportunity and never regretted since then. After a year, I moved from field work to my current position in which I supervise the installations and interface with the customers in logistic and technical issues regarding our different assignments.

Do any of our past projects stand out in your memory? 

Oh, I remember each of them, for various reasons. One that is quite clear to me is a triple installation in Aalborg, DK, which we managed to complete on time despite numerous obstacles. This experience taught me the true meaning of teamwork.

Where do you think Eryk is now and where do you see it in 5 years?

I think that already today, Eryk has shown that we can offer our customers exactly what they expect when it goes about the electrical and mechanical services for the elevator industry. The projects we have carried out show our level of professionalism and this is a strong selling point for new customers. I am happy that even under these difficult Covid circumstances, we are able to acquire new customers – this shows the trust that we emanate.

I am happy to see our portfolio today much broader than when I started, with five customers from five different countries, with increasingly more diverse international ambitions. Today, we have a lot of exposure to various systems and solutions in the lifting technology, starting with home lifts, through personal elevators, all the way up to freight/car lifts. I can definitely see us on the rise in our key industries.

In these hard times, what do you do to unwind?

It really is hard work juggling installation teams from project to project, from country to country and from one customer to another. It is also hard to make sure that the team members are well-rested, motivated and well-informed. So, as soon as the weekend comes, I try to find time for myself and my family. If the weather is good, I go fishing. This makes me happy and allows me see life from the right perspective. Due the protective period I cannot fish for my favorite pike, so I look forward for first day of May when this will be possible.

Good luck with it and thanks for your time 🙂

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