Compliance and flexibility – travelling, projects, and H&S in 2022

In 2022 our technical teams have visited 25 project countries, including Oman, Canada and USA.

Since the very beginning Eryk has consistently been able to fulfill its obligations in a compliant and safe manner. The expectations of the customer, the social responsibility, and the concern for our employees’ safety are the driving factors behind our commitment.

Here’s how it looks from different perspectives:

  • Legal compliance and HR:
    We have complete and utter respect for the covid rules in all aspects of our activities: legal compliance has always been a cornerstone of Eryk’s business. On top of the objective requirements, Eryk also keeps an eye on evolution of regulations in different countries and we inform our employees not only about obligations for travelers, but also other important regulations.
  • H&S:
    Safety of our employees is a priority. It means the world at Eryk. We continue the process of educating our staff on the principles of safety.
  • Key Account Department (project planning) and Travel:
    When selecting a team for a project and accommodation for them, we need to take into consideration the additional parameters, like the rules in the destination region and the work site. This makes the weekly planning puzzle a bit more complicated, but we have now learnt how to do it efficiently. It allows us to handle even relatively exotic destinations like the Oman, USA, Canada or China.

Project locations in 2022

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