Thanks to specialists from Ghana and Nigeria for the completing the apprenticeship in international company.

EN translation below.

“We have brought up very talented, hardworking technicians with great qualifications, and we managed to instill in them our work ethic and corporate culture”, emphasizes Eryk’s Vice President, Lucja Kalkstein summarizing the completion of apprenticeship by the West African colleagues. With new experiences and skills, they can now successfully continue their professional careers.

The international company, which is based in Szczecin, specializes in electrical services, has implemented apprenticeship program, in which a group of employees from Africa were employed.
As electricians, they acquired new skills and their contribution to the work for the company was appreciated by a special event, during which young employees from Ghana and Nigeria got diplomas and awards. After the ceremony, an integration party took place in Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.

“The most interesting case we had was a collaboration with a non-existent school in the north of Ghana, away from all city centers – says Vice President of Eryk. Group of young people from that school, aged 18-19, came to us. For them, the encounter with life in the city and Europe was already a shock. Thanks to determination, they managed to graduate the program. At the moment, they are part of the core of fantastic and very good employees”.

Employees from abroad came with electrical knowledge at least at the basic level, developed while studying in vocational schools. Eryk also employs educated electrical engineers.
“What they learn here is not the basics of electrical knowledge, but standards, methods and corporate culture” – she emphasizes.

Employees currently specialized in their field will remain with Eryk, but not necessarily in Poland. Eryk wants them to introduce the skills developed during the apprenticeship in their countries and among the local community.

“We would like them to have a chance to live at home and work for us at the same time” – she explains.
In the last 2 years the company has extended the program to also include the Polish youth, collaborating for example with some technical schools in our region.

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