Already 10 years at BIC

Ten years at one company is a significant amount of time. For these four BIC technicians, we hope it is just the beginning.

At our Management Forum meeting last Friday, we were celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first day at work for these four guys: Patryk Cąbrowski, Marcin Schonborn, Krzysztof Kapanajko and Andrzej Plichta. Through ups and downs, they have been with BIC, making the company what it is today – a reliable service provider and a socially responsible employer.

Patryk, Kris, Andrzej and Marcin are also our customers’ favorites – thanks to their high level of competences, experience and dedication, they are booked out for months in advance and they get top scores in customer feedback.

We hope they will stay with us for another rewarding decade.

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