We believe that we can do much more than business.

Eryk cares for communities and organizations surrounding us: those small and big ones, those on our continent and much further 🙂 Recently we supported:

Wood and Brass Band

We support Wood and Brass Band – an energetic youth big band from our neighborhood.

Thanks to our donation, they were able to go to USA (where they won a competition!) and to China and take part in a competition there as well as to see the Great Wall. Read more on their website.

Kilutori School

In the heart of a Masai village in rural Kenya, lies the Kilutori School which stands as a beacon of hope and education for over 200 children.

It was established as a private project by Anthony Olempikas who is a guide in the Masai Mara National Park, and his wife as a means of providing children in the local community with access to education for the first time.

Read more here.

Eryk’s African vision – Ghana
Greentech Academy

In January 2019, technical equipment donated by our company landed in Africa. It is support for a vocational technical school, located near the rocky outcrops of the Mim region in Ghana.

In the framework of Eryk’s exchange programme, Eryk has also given the top-performing graduates the opportunity to train their skills in Europe (Denmark & Poland) The training program started in October 2019.

Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors
Without Borders

international non-governmental charity that provides medical assistance to millions of people in crisis around the world wherever the state healthcare systems fail.

Polish Center for International Aid

is a public benefit organization providing humanitarian, development and rescue assistance in the world, while maintaining the principles of impartiality, neutrality and independence.

PCPM is helping thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and starving residents of South Sudan, also in neighboring Uganda. In addition, it implements a numbers of development assistance projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Georgia and Palestine.

Shelter for Homeless Animals
in Dobra

provides care and shelter for lost, stray and abandoned animals that are unable to exist on their own due to random occurrence.

The hostel is looking for new homes for them, where they will feel loved and safe, provides medical care and rehabilitation as well as adoption support.

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