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NCDC Business Race 2019

Come June, you will find our relay teams at the starting line – this year – two teams. Always good to hang out in good company and do something for your health.

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Family Picnic 2019

Another “first” in our history was a family picnic organized for the children of our employees and for their families. We met in at a marina to chill out in a relaxed mood.

The weather played along perfectly and there were opportunities for active and more laid back activities.

The summer mood is already visible in the photos.

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Family Christmas Party ’18

For the first time in our history, we organized a Christmas party for the children of our employees and for their families. We met in Stara Rzeźnia (Old Slaughterhouse) at the historic quayside in Szczecin, which is gradually becoming a new, hip district for all Stettiners.

Santa was generous this year and brought presents for all kids this year: naughty and nice 🙂 And he was very patient with the selfies.

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Summer Party 2018

In keeping with our BIC tradition, we invited all our employees for a summer party which we organized this year in a brand new Radisson Blu Resorts Hotel in Świnoujście. As usual, we touched base with our long-missed colleagues and spent some good time together on the dancefloor.

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