10th anniversary at Eryk

We have recently celebrated 2 anniversaries.

Magda Wiewiórska, nicknamed in Polish “Squirrel” after her surname – Senior HR and Payroll Specialist. She has been working in Eryk’s office since 2012 and has observed a significant part of Eryk’s development. “I have seen the tough times and I have seen the good times, and not once have I felt insecure about the future of the company. Our Polish-Danish DNA is simply a recipe for success. Don’t tell that to everybody 😊

Mariusz Piotrowski, nickname “Mario”- Key Account Engineer, responsible for team selection, but happy to get his hands on the technical work too. “I remember my first project in Norway, electrical installations in a tunnel that was 10 km long and … had a roundabout in the middle! I remember it well because it was not just a unique location, but also a chance for me to meet great people. Together with my colleagues, we had to replace 30 year old cables – basically ancient. I had never seen a place like that before, but ever since then, I also have never been so dirty again😉

Congratulations, guys!

Thank you for your great work and good luck for another 10 years (and more) with Eryk! 

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