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We are looking for B2B partners for flexible technical subcontracting

We are Eryk – an international technical service provider with more than 200 projects every year in more than 20 countries around the world. We specialize in electrical and mechanical installation services and we need external support. Our projects can count between 2 and 100 people, and last between 1 week and 12 months. Most of them take place in Western Europe. To learn more about our projects, check our Customer Stories.


With Eryk, you get access to global business opportunities where you can apply your technical skills, work with high-tech solutions in a variety of industries – from construction to intralogistics, and make good money.

We now present a new opportunity for subcontractors to cooperate with Eryk in a flexible way on a B2B basis.

Take responsibility for your own business, compliance with legal regulations, tools, workwear, travel and lodging, choose where and when to cooperate with Eryk, and get the flexibility and a high level of earnings.

How it works:

You are an electrician or a mechanic, and you already work as a freelancer, or you
would like to do so
You register with Eryk providing basic contact data, self-evaluation, and a preference for project types
We evaluate your submission and register you as a potential freelancer, and you receive a welcome info pack for future reference
When Eryk needs external technical support, we send you a request for quotation with details about the work needed, time frame, volume of work, location of the project
If the project requires the support of more than 1 technician, you are welcome to have your friend or colleague join you – also working as a freelancer after we have evaluated him/her
You quote your best hourly rate
If you meet our requirements, we sign a framework agreement and issue a purchase
order for you
You are responsible for providing tools and PPEs according to our specification
You are responsible for complying with local regulations, incl. – but not limited to –registration mandatory for foreign service providers
Eryk offers assistance with some paperwork, finding transport and accommodation
During the project, you work alongside Eryk’s team
You issue invoices monthly based on the number of working hours you delivered
After the project, you get evaluated and we contact you with another inquiry for another purchase order