Thank you for your interest in the summit.

We are sorry to inform that the event has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, we failed to attract the needed external stakeholders that we believe must partake for this event to reach the right channels and level of quality.

Seen in the light of the latest developments on the international scene the focus has also changed for many e.g., War in Ukraine, the energy crisis, a galloping inflation rate, upcoming Danish election etc.

No matter the reasons, we can now see we will not succeed to make the exciting summit program we aimed for. That’s why we call off the summit, not to disappoint.

We and our co-organisers are very sorry for the inconvenience.


About the Summit

The “new normal”, requires a new approach to the way we do business. The continuous development has caused a huge demand for installation technicians. We also experience an increased pressure on the labour market and shortages of skilled people as a major barrier to the desired growth.

During the Summit we would like to give our answer to the question:  How to secure professional, competent and motivated staff for future industry?

On the 20th of October 2022  we will host a Summit in Szczecin, Poland, where we will talk about the program and share our experience in West Africa and Poland.


  • The Danish foreign service – Consulate General of Denmark in Nigeria

Summit 2022 by: Per Christensen – Consul General, Consulate General of Denmark, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Why we are doing this?

DI (Confederation of Danish Industry):
Africa is the world’s youngest continent with an enormous number of young people who can and want to work. There is plenty of labour in Africa. Depending on which skills you need, training may be required. But our analyzes indicate that in all areas there is clearly underutilized potential for Danish companies on the African continent”, says Marie Gad from DI. – “Therefore, it makes a big difference when a company like Eryk helps to give the young people professional skills and a good job. Despite the many young people, there is a lack of professionally trained people in Africa, and this is a barrier to the development of companies. There are therefore many good reasons to participate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Eryk’s conference”.

Why is it so important?

📌“Eryk’s International Electrician Apprentice Program is a utilisation of the international globalisation using the energy of the globalisation in a right way, providing sustainable jobs”📌 – says Jens-Chr. Moller, President at Eryk Group.


Join us and be a part
of great discussions on
international Apprentice Program by Eryk!



Meet some of our confirmed speakers:

🔹 The Danish Ambassador of Denmark to Poland, Consul General of Denmark in Nigeria
🔹 Prominent representatives of: Enugu State in Nigeria, Dansk Industri confederation and West Pomeranian Region
🔹 Top management of leading Scandinavian and Nigerian companies

Line-up of key speakers

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What they say?

Maj W. Møller – Group Sales Manager at Eryk

“I’m excited about all of the new knowledge and insight that the day will bring – it will certainly be an eye-opener to see what other companies, who are facing some of the same challenges, are doing to combat these challenges. Sparring, sharing the knowledge and experiences with likeminded business relations and companies is key!” –  says Maj W. Møller.

Jacek Wójcikowski – Director of Center for Economic Initiatives at the Marshal’s Office of the Westpomeranian Region

Our event “Summit 2022” and initiatives are supported by Polish and Danish authorities. The Apprentice Program designed for Polish and African technicians is a good example to inspire the business – we will be happy to share our experience gained so far.

Thank you Jacek Wójcikowski for nice words!

Program overview:

  • Presentation of our Apprenticeship program and the African vision.

  • Opportunities that Apprenticeship program offers to an export company operating in continuously challenging labour market.

  • Celebration of success stories of our Apprentices and sharing lessons we have learnt.


What can you expect?

📌“I’m excited about the opportunity to talk about our journey that we have taken at Eryk but mostly about the chance of meeting various cultures and environments that have not met before here in Szczecin. I hope for a lot of good vibe, motivation and inspiration”📌 – says Lucja Kalkstein, Vice President at Eryk Group.


About our Apprentice Program

Our journey in Poland has already begun

We are happy to see our Apprentice Program in full swing. We will soon celebrate the first graduates of the Polish edition.

At the moment we have 14 apprentices, and 1 graduate (celebration soon!), and the number is growing. Our aim is to keep constant inflow of candidates, and to educate and coach the young technicians. One of them is Krystian:

“I take part in electrical installations at the projects abroad as well as in Poland. As an apprentice I can develop my technical skills and also learn English. I really like the dynamics at work and the travel opportunities. Till now I have been working in Greece, Denmark, France, Germany and Poland..” says Krystian, Electrical Apprentice.

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About our African Story

Eryk in Africa – our journey.

We have started our long-term Apprenticeship Program for Eryk specialists.  The first African technicians already joined us, completed a wide range of trainings and started to work on the projects together with our technicians.  Some of the apprentices have already accomplished the program and became regular technicians.

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