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Thank you for your interest in the summit. We are sorry to inform that the event has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, we failed to attract the needed external stakeholders that we believe must partake for this event to reach the right channels and level of quality. Seen in the light of the latest developments on the international scene the focus has also changed for many e.g., War in Ukraine, the energy crisis, a galloping inflation rate, upcoming Danish election etc.

No matter the reasons, we can now see we will not succeed to make the exciting summit program we aimed for.

That’s why we call off the summit, not to disappoint.

We and our co-organisers are very sorry for the inconvenience.


How to create a better and safer world while securing professional, motivated staff?
Join us and be a part of great discussions on international Apprentice Program by Eryk!


Sign up to: Summit 2022
Date: 20. October 2022
Time:  approx. 9:30 – 18:00 (TBC)
Location: Marriott Hotel, Szczecin, PL


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