Jonathan Aihoon

Meet Jonathan Aihoon – Regional Sales & Key Account

Jonathan Aihoon was part of the first group of our 6 trainees from Ghana and Nigeria who started at Eryk (back then: BIC) in early 2019. He has now been here for nearly a year, and we wanted to hear more about his experience in becoming part of the Eryk Family, so we sat down for a short interview. Jonathan and our five other Ghanaian and Nigerian colleagues arrived Denmark in April this year on a chilly day, and Jonathan remembers this day, as he states:

When we came it was cold, and it took us all by surprise, but now our bodies have adjusted and adapted to the cold weather, so it does not bother me as much anymore.

Jonathan is part of Eryk’s educational program which aims to help talented technicians from Ghana and Nigeria not only to gain competencies which are up to European standards, but also to rise and become leaders, taking part in elevating local economies in their homelands. It becomes evident talking to him that the work and effort Eryk is putting into training and educate our African colleagues is not seen as self-evident. As he says:

The possibilities Eryk provides by giving young Africans practical training in electrical and mechanical installation are awesome. Not even at my previous company would they provide such training as we are given here at Eryk. Training your employees up to European standards is generally seen as high risk because they might leave the company soon after their training. Sometimes it is also seen as not necessary. I hope that everybody will work hard because opportunities like these rarely happen in Africa.

Going from the field to the office

At the beginning of October Jonathan moved from doing electrical and mechanical installation works to the office for intensive training in our Key Account and Sales & Marketing departments. This transition is aimed at developing our African team. Also, it enables us to be closer to African market and the sale’s culture there. Still, for Jonathan the transition from an electrical technician out in the field to the administrative employee in the office was not natural at the beginning.

It was hard coming from the field and adopting to working in the office. I like being useful, and I was used to seeing the results of my work every day but working in the office is so much different. But now that I have learnt more, I have also started to understand the sales process. Earlier, I thought that sales was just all about making phone calls, but now I have come to understand that there is so much more to it, and I think it is interesting.

And he goes on to say:

To me, it is an honour the get this opportunity. It is like I am living the dream because now I get to experience both sides, both the technical task out in the field, and sales and marketing here in the office.

In between the hard work, there is though also some time to experience the Szczecin outside the office.

I like Szczecin, the centre of the city and the parks are beautiful, and the city reminds me of some places in Spain that I have seen on the internet on YouTube especially. The various colours of the buildings are particularly pretty.

Jonathan likes to document events and is fond of making short videos and taking pictures in order to show it all to his family when he returns home. He already has a lot of stories to tell.