Long-term relations and mutual understanding lead to optimal, turnkey solutions for our customers.


Our partner for Wind Power Industry
Together with Resolux, Eryk provides: electrical and mechanical services together with material supply.

Our cooperation resulted e.g. with electrical outfitting of 124 Transition Pieces of the biggest Offshore Wind Farm in the World – Hornsea Project One.
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Resolux – 17 years of experience in the wind industry. A global supplier of components and solid solutions for all tower builders, turbine manufacturers, nacelle providers and windpark maintenance.

More: www.resolux.dk

Jysk Elservice / BIC Solutions

Turnkey electrical installations
Together we have more than 50 years of experience and over 250 professionals, ready to execute:

  • turnkey electrical installations for building industry in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and North Germany,
  • mechanical assembly and electrical installations of
    machinery all over the world
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Jysk Elservice / BIC Solutions

Jysk Elservice/ BIC Solutions – is a complete supplier to all types of electrical connections carrying out assignments throughout Denmark, Sweden and Northern Germany.

More: www.jysk-elservice.dk


Technical partnership for Africa

Together with Tech-Solutions, Eryk delivers comprehensive solutions for the industrial sector in Africa. This includes: Food Processing Industry, Power Plants, Supply Chain & Logistics, Oil&Gas onshore and offshore.

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Tech-Solutions – is a Danish export company with years of experience in sourcing of quality Technical Solutions and Products.

More: www.tech-solutions.dk

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